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Tonia Sotiropoulou - Life Ball 2013

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Actress, Model, and Bond Girl - The Beautiful Tonia Sotiropoulou

Who is Tonia Sotiropoulou?

Tonia Sotiropoulou is one of the few beautiful actresses to have had the distinction of being a Bond girl. She started her film acting career in 2007 in the film Cool and was eventually cast in the British horror film Berberian Sound Studio. From here, Tonia Sotiropoulou would turn heads and would be cast in the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall that starred the dashing Daniel Craig. A couple of short films soon followed including Paolo and Sleeping with Phil Ramrod. Two more notable film production soon followed, 3D film Hercules and the British drama film Brotherhood.

An interesting thing about Tonia Sotiropoulou is the fact that she originally attended theater school, but never got to graduate. This goes to show that despite not having graduated, her acting talent, natural beauty, and hard work were enough to get her to star in one of the most renowned movie franchises in the world like James Bond. In fact, Tonia took around 4 years to become an A-lister in Hollywood, which is an impressive success. Most actors and actresses take a long time to get to that stage, but Tonia’s career simply skyrocketed almost as soon as she showed up in showbiz.

Apart from being an actress and a model, Tonia is also a philanthropist. She has been associated with charities like Sophia for Children, which provides food, shelter, and medical care to children in Kenya.

What is Tonia Sotiropoulou’s nationality?

Tonia Sotiropoulou is Greek. She was born in Athens, Greece.

How tall is Tonia Sotiropoulou and how much does she weigh?

Tonia Sotiropoulou stands 5 feet 6 inches or 167 cm tall. She weighs around 125 pounds or 56 kilograms.

Tonia's lovely figure

What is Tonia Sotiropoulou’s estimated net worth?

Tonia Sotiropoulou’s estimated net worth is around $3 million.

Is Tonia Sotiropoulou single or married?

Tonia Sotiropoulou has recently married her long-term boyfriend, Kostas Maraveyas. He is a popular Greek
singer-songwriter and composer.

Tonia and Kostas's wedding

How many kids does Tonia Sotiropoulou have?

Tonia Sotiropoulou doesn’t have kids.

How old is Tonia Sotiropoulou?

Tonia Sotiropoulou was born April 28, 1987. She turns 36 years old in 2021.

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