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Use of cookies

Like most websites, Any Celeb uses "cookies". A cookie is a small piece of information which is stored by your web browser. Your use of the website is deemed to be your consent to the use of cookies.

name type contents purpose
COOKIE_NOTICE persistent numeric indicates you have been shown a message telling you that this site uses cookies
DIS persistent distance in miles stores a distance from your location in which to search
FAV persistent venue IDs stores your chosen favourite venues
LOC persistent latitude, longitude and location name stores your chosen location for use in searches
LOCNEW session location name including region displays a confirmation of a newly set location (if you have auto-detected your location)
LOCPRV persistent latitudes, longitudes and location names up to three previously stored locations for quick access when changing location
PHPSESSID session random ID identifies your shopping basket while you use our shop
PRTNR session affiliate ID indicates you have visited by following a link on the website of one of our partners
SCHPRV session search field values search criteria you have used today, so that the search form can be pre-filled for subsequent searches
U persistent or session * user ID indicates that you have signed in
* Persistent if you tick the "remember me" checkbox when signing in, otherwise a session cookie is used.

Session cookies last only until you close your web browser.

We use Google Analytics to record traffic volumes, with Google's AMP Client IDs enabled to associate AMP and non-AMP visits in compliance with Google's EU User Consent Policy.

Other advertising services and their advertisers may use cookies to count how many people have seen their adverts and/or to target advertising. Additional organisations might set cookies on some pages, for example, on a page containing an embedded video, the video provider (e.g. YouTube) may make use of cookies. In all cases they do so under their own privacy policies and Any Celeb has no access to read or write their cookies.