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What REALLY happened to Rebecca De Mornay?

Who is Rebecca De Mornay?

Rebecca De Mornay is an American actress and producer. Her rise to fame came through a film role in 1983, she starred as Lana in Risky Business.

Pasadena became the perfect place for her mother to relocate in as she met Richard De Mornay and got married. Her stepfather fostered her, nurtured her, and loved her. Sadly, he died in 1962, two days later; they departed together with her half-brother Peter to Europe lived in the two majestic countries England and Austria. In 1977, being the diligent student she is, she graduated summa cum laude from a school in Austria. Since her school involved speaking German and French she now speaks both languages prolifically.

She underwent acting classes as she migrated to Los Angeles, Lee Strasberg's Institute. She became a novice for Zoetrope Francis Ford Coppola's film studio. She later debuted in 1981 with the movie One From the Heart, a romantic production. Her catapult to fame came through a film in 1983 as she starred alongside Tom Cruise for Risky Business. Her character in this movie was a clever tempting prostitute named Lana this certain character got fans back in the day gushing over Rebecca.

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992), Runaway Train (1985), The Trip To Bountiful (1985), Backdraft (1991). These are the other movies that she starred in: Getting Out (1994), An Inconvenient Woman (1991), The Shining (1997), ER (1994), and Night Ride Home (1999). There were other plays that she joined in and these include Marat/Sade (1990), Born Yesterday (1998), and Closer (2000).

She had her firsts directing some movies and plays here and there, but her debut was with a component of a 1995 show named The Outer Limits. Two actors acted in the show, Frank Whaley and John Savage.

Here's what really happened to actress, Rebecca De Mornay

How old is Rebecca De Mornay?

Rebecca De Mornay is 64 years old. She was born on August 29, 1959.

Her original name is Rebecca Jane Pearch. She had a tumultuous childhood as her mother and father (Julie Eager, Wally George) divorced when she was only two years old. She took on her stepfather’s last name De Mornay. Her grandmother (Eugenia Clinchard) was a vaudeville entertainer and a notable childhood movie star.

Is Rebecca De Mornay in a relationship?

Singer Leonard Cohen who just passed away In 2016, was her beloved fiance however they quickly separated. But their brief romance was so intimate; Rebecca helped co-produce his album and was like an extravaganza for their relationship as a couple. Cohen mentioned that the album was a dedication to Rebecca as released in 1992; the Album is The Future.

De Mornay also had a relationship with Bruce Wagner, a writer. They got married in December 16 of 1986, but their life as a couple did not last long and ended abruptly in 1990. She then had another short-term relationship with Patrick O’Neal, got married and divorced but had two children Veronica and Sophia. Veronica is the youngest and was born in 2001, on March 31 while Sophia the eldest was born in 1997, on November 16.

Rebecca with former partner, Patrick O'Neal and their two daughters

Rebecca De Mornay

Who did Rebecca De Mornay play on ER?

She played as Elaine Nichols.

How old was Rebecca De Mornay when she was in Risky Business?

She was just 24 years old when she starred in the film alongside Tom Cruise.

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