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Pat Morita AKA Mr Miyagi - What Caused His Death

Who is Pat Morita?

Pat Morita or Nariyuki Morita, born in June 8, 1932, husband of 3 wives, and father of 3 children, He is 92 years old, was a very famous Asian-American actor and comedian who was famous for his many roles in most of his sitcom and TV shows, and some of his particular movies. In all of his career, he is most known for his spectacular job for acting as Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid film series, his role being the wise and knowledgeable teacher who taught Daniel, (the character portrayed by Ralph Macchio,) martial arts in the series. This is shown, as Morita was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and Golden Globe award in the Movie series Karate Kid and its following sequels in 1984 to 1994. This feat became a big achievement to him and because of this gained a lot of popularity in his later career.

Among other things, Morita was also famous for his amazing role as the owner of a diner during its third season in the American sitcom "Happy Days". Then, at 1977 and 1979, He made an appearance again during the show's fourth and sixth season, by which he later quit his role to make his very own Asian-American sitcom in ABC TV by the name "T and Tina", And after six years, later returned back to Happy Days in year 1982 and reappeared in the sitcom's last episode of the show's last season in 1983.

And even if he was old in age in his later career, he still did not let his popularity diminish as he had portrayed a particular role in the movie Amos as Tommy Tanka, and then was nominated for the first ever Primetime Emmy Award and his second nomination for the Golden Globe award for his role in 1985, which shows his incredible talent in acting even though he was advanced in years. And continuing on, he became the star of many TV shows and movie like the detective show Ohara on ABC TV and wrote and starred the movie film Captive Hearts in 1987. And soon after, made guest appearances in many series like Yes Dear, Spy TV, and became the voice actor of some characters such as the Emperor of China in Mulan and Mulan II, and the teacher in Robot Chicken in 2005.

Pat Morita - A short biography

What language did Pat Morita speak?

Although he was half Japanese, he grew in America. Meaning, his native language was English.

Who was Pat Morita's wife?

Up until his death in 2005, Pat Morita was happily married to Evelyn Guerrero.

Pat with his wife, Evelyn Guerrero

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When and What was the Cause of Pat Morita's Death?

Due to a kidney failure because of an infection of the gallbladder and the urinary tract, he passed away in the 24th of November, 2005 at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What was the last film that Pat Morita was in?

In the last years of his career he took a role in the movie Only the Brave in 2006, in which he was the father of the lead actor of the film. And lastly in 2010, The movie Royal Kill became the very last movie of Pat Morita.

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