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Perry Mattfeld Overview

She landed and sustained a phenomenal role in the now famous and ongoing In the Dark television mystery-crime drama series, which commenced in 2019. This also happens her first starring role as an actor.
Perry Mattfeld prepared herself for a comprehensive overhaul of what is totally a different persona as a blind young lady, who was the only key to solving a murder case. The victim was her good friend who was wild like and was into drugs.

Her role as Murphy Mason in In the Dark showed the development of her character; from being a self-centered yet supposedly smart young woman to one who starts to do her own detective work in order to bring justice on the death of her friend. Being blind since birth, Murphy Mason has a guide dog named Pretzel.
During the shooting of the series, real life blinds and crews were on the set and to include real guide dogs. However, Pretzel her dog, is played by a golden retriever animal actor named Levi.

Perry Mattfeld had to spend serious work and ample time to study the routines of a blind woman and even the use of a guide dog. She had to make use of audio commands for her to be able to send text messages.
The rigorous acting demanded from Mattfeld can not be underestimated. It was like being a student going through a major research and more as she had to personify the output of her research with all the gamut of emotions. The series demonstrates lives for those without sight and advocates for their plight at the same time.

Perry Mattfeld with animal actor, Levi on the set of In The Dark


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How old is Perry Mattfeld?

Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld is 30 years old. She was born in March 29, 1994, to parents Shelley Garcia and Kenneth Mattfeld, in California, USA. She is a tall woman at 5 feet and 10 inches.

How did Perry Mattfeld get into acting?

During her upbringing, Perry trained as a ballet dancer, this and her exposure to more than a hundred shows in The Grove Theatre, had groomed her to be tenacious worker at a young age. She finished from USC or the University of Southern California with Cum Laude honors with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree major in Acting and with a minor in Film Studies.

Who was Perry Mattfeld in Shameless?

Perry played a recurring role of Mel in Shameless which ran from 2017 to 2018.

Interview with Perry Mattfeld  on KTLA 5

What is Perry Mattfeld's Net Worth?

With her successful exposure in entertainment whether from her ballet years till this time, her estimated net worth has reached an impressive $2 million.

Who is Perry Mattfeld dating?

She is currently dating former baseball player, Andrew Wright. They had been best friends for a long time, however they only started dating in January 2016.

Who are Perry Mattfeld's parents in real life?

Mattfeld’s parents are Kenneth and Shelley Garcia Mattfeld. Kenneth Mattfeld is a known lawyer in their locality. He used to work as a naval architect prior his lawyering years.

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