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All About Calista Flockhart - The Face Of Ally McBeal

Calista Flockhart Overview

Who cannot relate to her insecurities, to her seemingly easy way to be overjoyed; or perhaps to the explosive emotions when the character sees her clients in despair or her friends at a dismal situation?
Calista Flockhart may have had other notable Hollywood appearances but she’s been forever cast into the mold of Ally McBeal in the hearts of her fans.
She has had lifelong endeavors after her 1997-2002 locked-in contract with the McBeal’s creator David Kelley and the FOX channel’s hit.  Calista had also been an advocate for Peace Over Violence foundation of which she was its national spokesperson in years 2004 through 2014. Her artistic prowess was duly recognized not only with numerous nominations but also with winning three times to receive reputable awards such as People’s Choice Awards in 2000 as “Favorite Female Television Performer; 1999 Screen Actors’ Guild award for the Outstanding Performance in the ensemble category and the prestigious 1998 Golden Globe as Best Actress in a TV series in comedy or drama.

Why is Calista Flockhart famous?

Calista Flockhart is an American Actress. She is most famous for her role in the TV show, Ally McBeal 1997 - 2002. Allison Marie McBeal was a lawyer who was a hopeless romantic. “I know him by heart,” “Tell him,” “Hook with the feeling,” are a few that tug the heartstrings, sealed the audience’s bond with the protagonist. The cases were somewhat incidental to the portrait of a single, young and successful lawyer that drew so much attention and identified the actress to her avid fans. The stories of each episode were those that involved relationships among couples which of course would be the perfect formula for worldwide television viewers.
What comes to mind when one talks about Ally McBeal is that the character and the actress Calista Flockhart seemed to be one and the same. It must be that Ms. Flockhart had successfully made herself so real in the role that it was hard to separate the reel from the real.

Rerecorded by Vonda Shepard as one of the Ally McBeal’s soundtracks, the song World without love was like the overarching theme that captures the angst of the 90s era when the popular legal-comedy series dominated television dramas.
One might say that there was such a period of time when Calista Flockhart ruled the “telly” and almost all the soundtracks in the sitcom which she title-billed flood the airwaves.

Calista Flockhart's performance on Saturday Night Live

How old is Calista Flockhart?

Calista Kay Flockhart, is 59 years old. She was born on November 11, 1964 in Freeport, Illinois, United States.

Is Calista Flockhart married?

She has been married to the one and only Harrison Ford since June 15, 2010.

Does Calista Flockhart have any children?

Yes, Calista has one child named Liam Flockhart, whom she adopted in 2001, a year before she began dating Harrison Ford.

Calista Flockhart with adopted son, Liam


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Why did she leave Supergirl?

In Hollywood circles, almost everyone knows what Flockhart’s priorities are. Especially since the accident of her husband, Harrison Ford who’s preoccupied with flying and aviation interest, Ms Flockhart accepts or pursues projects if there’s no required leaving Los Angeles area. Hence, she had to leave the series when the shooting of Supergirl was transferred to Vancouver.

What is Calista Flockhart doing now?

With a net worth of $25 million, she opted to be laid back in her projects and attended to their adopted son Liam Flockhart Ford who just set off to college.

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