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Find Out The Horrifying Truth Behind What Happened To Linda Blair on the Set of The Exorcist

Linda Blair Overview - From Child Model to Horror Movie Superstar

Linda Blair is a successful American actress. She appeared in several successful films and shows throughout her career.

She was only five years old when she became a child model and quickly got so used to the spotlight that she developed a successful acting career. At a young age of around nine years old, she starred in the soap opera Hidden Faces after having landed the role of Allyn Jaffe. Linda Blair then landed the role of Regan MacNeil in the supernatural horror film The Exorcist. She won a Golden Globe award for this role, as well as several other nominations. This role became Linda Blair’s most notable one and caused her to be established as a horror icon. Still, she received tons of criticism around 20 years into her career because of her participation in several low-budget and problematic films. In 1996, she appeared in the famous mystery film Scream as a reporter.

Linda Blair has always had deep love for animals

Linda Blair was also cast for several other horror, thriller, and supernatural films throughout the years. In 2004, she founded the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation to advocate for animal rights and provide them with necessary pet care. She is also a devout vegan.

How old was Linda Blair in The Exorcist?

Linda Blair was only 14 years old in The Exorcist as she portrayed Regan MacNeil, the possessed daughter in the film. Although this role propelled her career and allowed her to establish herself as a successful horror actress, the horrors she actually endured on set as a young teenage girl were much worse. During one of the exorcism scenes, Linda Blair was tied up to a mechanic bed. The bed was remote controlled behind the scenes and during one particular take, the volatile movements fractured young Linda’s lower spine. This traumatic experience was forever immortalized because this particular take made it to the final movie. In the scene, Linda Blair’s cries for help are actually real - and they went unanswered by the entire filming crew.

Linda Blair talks about her experience on the set of The Exorcist



What happened to Linda Blair?

In short, Linda Blair had the best and the worst opportunity she could get when she was very young - her role in The Exorcist. Although this was the role of her lifetime and served to propel her career, it also brought a lot of negatives to her. Her acting in extremely unsettling horror scenes in the movie, as well as having her lower spine fractured during the filming of one of the scenes, cast a shadow over her mental health which sparked claims that she suffered a mental breakdown. She was also accused of glorifying Satan and the role caused her to forever be seen as only a horror actress. The role, although great for her career, also cast a negative light on her that she never wanted to bear.

Lately, it is reported that Linda Blair decided to become a vegan in 2001 after being vegetarian for several years. She founded the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation and is currently advocating for animal rights such as rehabilitation and adoption. She uses the fame she garnered through The Exorcist to help animals all over the world.

How old is Linda Blair?

Linda Blair is 64 years old. She was born on January 22, 1959.

How tall is Linda Blair and how much does she weigh?

Linda Blair stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She weighs around 128 pounds.

What is Linda Blair’s estimated net worth?

Linda Blair’s estimated net worth is around $16 million.

Is Linda Blair single or married?

Linda Blair is currently single but has dated several musicians such as Rick Springfield, Glenn Hughes, and Tommy Shaw.

How many kids does Linda Blair have?

Linda Blair does not have any children.

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