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Stockard Channing: Beyond Grease

Who is Stockard Channing?

Stockard Channing is a famous American actress known best for her portrayal of Rizzo in the 1978 film, “Grease”. Prior to this breakthrough role, Stockard performed in several plays around New York. Her notable performance as First Lady Abbey Bartlet in 1999 TV series, “The West Wing” gained her more audience appreciation as an actress.

Stockard has been nominated for a multitude of awards, including a Tony, a People’s Choice Award, a Screen Actors Guild, a Daytime Emmy and many more…

How old is Stockard Channing?

She was born on February 13th 1944 and she is currently 80 years old.

What is her real name?

Stockard Channing’s name is Susan Williams Antonia Stockard.

Why did Stockard Channing change her name?

Once she joined the Theatre Company of Boston, Stockard Channing merged her maiden name with her married name, despite protests from her family at the time.

How tall is Stockard Channing and how much does she weigh?

Stockard Channing is 157cm tall and weighs 125 pounds.

What is Stockard Channing’s estimated net worth?

Stockard Channing’s estimated net worth is around $15 million.

When did Stockard Channing get cast in West Wing?

Stockard Channing got cast in the TV series “The West Wing” in 1999 as First Lady Abbey Bartlet.

How old was Stockard Channing in Grease?

Stockard Channing was 33 years old in the film “Grease”. The musical film “Grease” is one of the most famous to come out of America, with its powerhouse cast, gripping storyline and iconic music.

Is Stockard Channing single or married?

Stockard Channing is currently single, but has been married four times. Her first husband was Walter Channing Jr. whom she married in 1963 and divorced in 1967. In 1970, she married a professor named Paul Schmidt, and they divorced in 1976. Her third marriage was in 1976 to David Debin, a writer and producer who Stockard remained married to for four years. Stockard Channing’s fourth marriage was from 1980 to 1988 with a businessman named David Rawle. In 1990, Stockard entered into a long-term relationship with Daniel Gillham, a cinematographer who died in 2014.

How many kids does Stockard Channing have?

Stockard Channing doesn’t have any children.

Are Stockard and Carol Channing related?

Stockard and Carol Channing are not related, but in a 2013 interview Carol Channing joked about telling people that Stockard was her older sister in the past.

What happened to Stockard Channing?

Stockard Channing moved to permanently reside in the United Kingdom and leaving her home in Maine, and selling her Los Angeles property.

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