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Star Trek's Marina Sirtis - All About Her Traumatic Past and Incredible Turnaround

Marina Sirtis Overview

In Marina's early life, she suffered an eating disorder due to the sexual assault she traumatically went through at three years old from the teenaged sons of her babysitter. Sirtis got herself into therapy and recovered from her almost 20-year suffering because of her disorder arising from the traumatic experience; she somehow managed to develop healthy eating habits from then on.

Marina Sirtis was able to audition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama without her parents’ knowledge. She did this while she was still in secondary school. In 1976, soon after graduating from Guildhall, she became part of the repertory company at the Connaught Theater in Worthing, West Sussex.

She immigrated to the USA in 1986 in the hopes and for the sake of expanding her acting career and became a naturalized citizen. She married Michael Lamper in 1992. He was also an actor and rock guitarist.

Her early works consisted of appearances in TV series in the UK to include The Return of Sherlock Holmes in 1986.

Star Trek aficionados will never fail to identify her as she has played the role of Counselor Deanna Troi for the series and four Star Trek feature movies among others. She has been active in the film and TV industry from 1977 to the present.

Marina Sirtis Was Almost Fired From 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' In The First Season

The role of Deanna Troi was offered to Sirtis on the day when she was about to go back to the UK due to the expiration of her six-month visa. The character she depicted was that of a half-human and half-Betazoid, the latter enabling her to read others’ emotions. As Counselor on the Enterprise-D of the Star Trek: TNG, it was her job to oversee the well-being of the crew and as lieutenant to Captain Picard. It was after season one that she was given focus in the story.

Sirtis virtually bloomed and developed on Star Trek as she stayed for all seven seasons. She was a far cry from the counselor in the background to more of a stronger officer of the Starfleet. During the whole duration of the seven seasons, Sirtis wore black-colored contact lenses (in contrast to her original light brown eyes), in keeping with the character. Marina Sirtis grew up in Hackney, London on March 29, 1955, to parents, Despina (Yianniri) and John Sirtis who were Greek. She grew up in Harringay, North London, in the UK.

How old is Marina Sirtis?

Marina Sirtis was born in Hackney, London on March 29, 1955, to parents, Despina (Yianniri) and John Sirtis, She is 69 years old.

Marina Sirtis with actress Nichelle Nichols

What is Lt. Deanna Troi’s accent?

Sirtis herself invented the character’s Eastern-European-Israeli accent for TNG (The Next Generation) as requested by her producers.

Where did Marina Sirtis go to school?

Her Alma Mater is the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in the United Kingdom where she graduated at the age of 21.

What happened to Marina Sirtis?

In a recent post on her social media, Marina Sirtis announced that she will be going back to the UK and uproot herself from the US where she’d established her career.

Interview with Marina Sirtis on the set of "A Dark Reflection"


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