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Jonathan Banks - Breaking in to Breaking Bad

Who is Jonathan Banks?

With his droopy eyes and laid-back demeanor, Jonathan Banks was a staple in a number of American crime drama series, the most famous of which include Breaking Bad which debuted in 2009, Better Call Saul in 2015, and Wiseguy in 1987. He worked on a wide variety of cop films, from serious action dramas to comedy cop films such as 48 Hrs. and Beverly Hills Cop. Still, out of all these roles, it was his role as Mike Ehrmantraut, a former policeman turned hitman in Breaking Bad that led him to widespread television fame. To date, Jonathan Banks has received a huge number of nominations as an outstanding supporting actor. He has starred with the best Hollywood actors including the likes of Liam Neeson in the film Commuter. He has also done some voice acting, one of the most memorable is in Incredibles 2 where he played Rick Dicker, a government agent.

For his most recent role, he is moving away from the cop film genre and to something completely different! He has just been signed for an Apple TV exclusive sci-fi conspiracy thriller, Constellation. There are very few details about it just yet, but if his past roles are anything to go by, we just know that it is going to be epic!

Find out about the happy accident that led to him being cast on Breaking Bad

What Is Jonathan Banks’s nationality?

Jonathan Bank was born in Washington and he grew up in Maryland. He is an American.

How old is Jonathan Banks?

Born in January 31, 1947, Jonathan Banks is now 76 years old.

This may not actually be how Jonathan Banks spends his birthdays, but I really hope it is!


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Who was Jonathan Banks in Identity Theft?

Jonathan Banks played the role of Paolo Gordon in Identity Theft. The movie got poor reviews from critics; however, it was a commercial success as it was able to earn around $174 million dollars in revenue worldwide.

How tall is Jonathan Banks and how much does he weigh?

Jonathan Banks has spent nearly half a century playing the bad guy, so you would imagine him to be a very tall and stocky guy to match the roles that he plays. However, he stands at a relatively small 5ft 9 and weighs around 172lbs.  He definitely uses his incredible acting skills and not his stature to portray such sinister characters!

What is Jonathan Banks’s estimated net worth?

Jonathan Banks’s estimated net worth is currently around $5 million, and with no sign of him retiring from the big screen, that is only set to rise even further!

Is Jonathan Banks married?

Jonathan Banks has been married twice. The first was with Marnie Fausch whom Jonathan Banks married in 1968. They divorced two years later. Twenty years later, in 1990, Jonathan Banks went on to marry Gennera Cebian and has been happily married ever since.

How many kids does Jonathan Banks have?

Jonathan Banks has four children. He had his eldest daughter, Joanna Rae Banks-Morgan with his first wife, Marnie Fausch, and went on to have fraternal twins, Rebecca Elena Banks and Claudio Jon Henry Banks, with Gennera. He also has a step-daughter, Ruth Garcia from Generra's first marriage. Rebecca has followed in her father's footprints and also has a successful career in showbiz, but this time behind the scenes as a producer.

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