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Anthony Carrigan - From Bad Guy to Supervillian

Who is Anthony Carrigan?

Anthony Carrigan is widely acknowledged as being one of the best actors around - after all, only a supremely talented performer could switch from his natural good guy character to supervillain serial killer so effectively. Known for his Emmy-winning portrayal of Chechen mobster NoHo Hank in HBO's Barry, Tyler Davies in The Forgotten, and Gotham's evil baddie Victor Zsasz, Carrigan has a career that's granted him many accolades, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Critics' Choice Television Award nomination.

However, despite his obvious talent, Carrigan is known more for his recognizable appearance. Diagnosed with the auto-immune disease Alopecia Universalis at the age of three, it was the source of immense insecurity for him as he went through his childhood and teen years. Initially, he could hide the smaller patches when he began to lose his hair, and as the loss continued, he resorted to using make-up, artificial eyebrows, and fake hair to appear normal. By the age of 30, he was completely bald but had learned to embrace his difference, turning it to his advantage in the roles he chose to play.

Anthony Carrigan's Journey With Alopecia

Why does Anthony Carrigan shave his eyebrows?

As an alopecia sufferer, which is a common type of autoimmune disease, Carrigan has lost hair not only on his scalp but also from his body, including his eyebrows and lashes. For a period, he chose to use fake brows and make-up, but as he grew in confidence, he chose to go au naturel.


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When did Anthony Carrigan lose his hair?

Carrigan started to lose his hair at the age of three, which led to his diagnosis of the auto-immune disease Alopecia Universalis. By the time he hit 30, he had lost all of his hair.

How old is Anthony Carrigan?

His birthday is on January 2, 1983, which makes Carrigan 41 years old, and a Capricorn. Those born under the sign of the goat are determined, brave, and never give up. That seems to sum up this talented actor!

Where was Anthony Carrigan born?

He was born in Winchester, Massachusetts, USA, and attended Carnegie Mellon Uni.

Who is Carrigan’s spouse?

He married Gia Olimp, a pro chess player in June 2018. They met in New York City at the Broadway-Lafayette Street train station when they both took the wrong train!

 Anthony Carrigan with his wife, Gia Olimp


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